We bring together different providers to create one collaborative partnership committed to improving healthcare.

Who We Are

MHN ACO was established with a clear mission and mandate: to transform healthcare delivery in service to the residents of Cook County’s most economically and socially marginalized communities. Our members include 13 Federally Qualified Health Centers and three Hospital Systems and their Physician Practices.

Since the launch of the Medical Home Network Accountable Care Organization (MHN ACO) in 2014, we have been focused on improving the health of under-resourced communities through innovation and collaboration. MHN ACO invests in people, communities and provider organizations to transform delivery and improve health equity overall. We believe our pioneering care management services have improved health while also having a social impact on some of THE most vulnerable neighborhoods.

Within our ACO we strive to create a different kind of culture – one that includes shared-decision making and is focused on change, innovation, collaboration, and delivery improvement for all of our member/owners.

We believe improving care starts with effective care management at the practice level. Through our innovative technology we have developed a virtually integrated delivery system that facilitates care management across entities and that is already making a positive impact on healthcare for vulnerable populations. With more and better information, our care teams can deliver better healthcare.

The MHN Story

MHN ACO, LLC evolved from Medical Home Network (MHN), which was founded in 2009 by the Comer Family Foundation to improve healthcare delivery for Medicaid recipients in Chicago’s south and southwest communities.