MHN ACO: How We Work
Our innovative technology supports coordinated care management so we can deliver better care, outcomes and value.

How We Work

When it comes to building partnerships, we have a strong track record of fostering collaboration. MHN’s first partnerships began with the inception of Medical Home Network five years ago. Since that time, we have been on the forefront of building successful regional partnerships. Provider and practice engagement along with shared decision-making defines our culture and helps drive results.

We are united in our vision to improve healthcare delivery for vulnerable populations – achieving what is often referred to as the “Triple Aim” of improved quality of care, an improved patient experience and reduced medical costs.

Our hope is to be a model for practice transformation benefiting patients in the safety net who are much more vulnerable and in greater need of quality care. Effective care management is key to achieving this goal and starts at the medical home.

Our innovative technology is designed to support coordinated care management among our hospitals and medical home sites to enable better care, outcomes and relationships. Through our secure platform we can access historical data, connect and exchange real-time facility alerts, and capture most patient activity as it happens. This technology allows us to expand the medical home beyond the four walls of the practice – supporting our patient-centered model of care by meeting patients where they are.