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Delivering Value & Better Outcomes

MHN ACO, LLC is an accountable care organization

with a different approach

We are provider-owned and provider-driven
We operate as equal partners, which means shared-decision making and true collaboration among our members.
We are transforming health care delivery by offering coordinated, patient-centered care for Medicaid patients.
We have an innovative technology platform that enables virtual delivery system integration and is the foundation of our patient-centered, team-based model.
We are committed to improving care while reducing costs… and we are achieving results.

MHN stands for Medical Home Network

MHN ACO, LLC evolved from provider-led initiatives managed and supported by Medical Home Network (MHN) an Illinois not-for-profit organization. MHN’s model is built upon the patient-centered medical home, a primary care physician and care team charged with coordinating and managing a patient’s care. MHN was founded to improve the health and quality of care for Medicaid patients in Chicago’s south and southwest neighborhoods.

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We bring together different providers to create one collaborative partnership committed to improving healthcare.

Who We Are

MHN ACO is a unique collaboration of disparate health care entities. Our 12 provider members came together in 2014 to improve health care delivery in the safety net, enhance quality of care, and reduce medical costs.

How We Work

When it comes to building partnerships, we have a strong track record of fostering collaboration. MHN’s first partnerships began with the inception of Medical Home Network five years ago. Since that time, we have been on the forefront of building successful regional partnerships. Provider and practice engagement along with shared decision-making defines our culture and helps drive results.

Our patient-centered approach and innovative technology allow practice-level care teams to proactively manage patients’ care.

MHN Model of Care

We are supporting practice transformation by using a team-based model of care that emphasizes care management at the practice level.

  • 167,000+ CountyCare Members

    receiving MHN ACO practice-level care management

  • 600+ Physicians & 1200 Specialists

    across MHN ACO’s 13 FQHCs and 3 hospital systems

  • 86% HRA Completion Rate

    Health Risk Assessments are the cornerstone of care management

  • 11% Reduction in ER Visits

  • 12% Reduction in Readmission Rates

  • 225+ Community-Based jobs created and funded

Better Healthcare, Better Outcomes

We are providing our patients with better care through the use of coordinated care management at the practice level. Our innovative technology delivers real time alerts and historical data so we can make decisions about patient care when and where they will have the greatest impact.

Our team-based, patient-centered model of care is working – and delivering positive results. ER visits and readmission rates are down while the number of County Care members, physicians and practice-level care managers in our network are growing. But most important, our patients are more involved in their own treatment and have access to higher quality, better care. This is the best outcome of all.

We are MHN ACO

“With the introduction of the MHN ACO, the biggest thing is that we are engaging patients who have had no care for so long and may have multiple medical problems.”

Jim Christoforidis, MDChief Medical Officer, PrimeCarePrimeCare

“As members of the MHN ACO we are constantly creating, testing, implementing and revising as needed to better serve our patients.”

Cia-Mattae Kamara, MDChicago Family Health CenterChicago Family Health Center

“With the MHN ACO we get to look at the total health of our patients and really think about prevention and wellness.  MHN ACO allows us to take care of patients proactively.”

Anthony Perry, MDChief Medical Officer, Rush University Medical GroupRush University Medical Center

“The technology used by the MHN ACO allows us to identify patients who are continuously using the Emergency Room and to schedule them with a primary care physician, who will be able to help them on a consistent basis.”

Regina McClenton, RNAssociate Director of Population Health, Rush University Medical CenterRush University Medical Center

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